Tips for you and your dog if dogs in car:

   You are lucky if you live near a beach or a park or land to employ your dog then there is no other way you have to acquire your dog along with you in the car. Travelling along with a dog driving a car is a safe, effortless and pleasant experience for everyone. The first one is you have to know where your pet will travel. Suppose if you are having a small dog then put pet crates on a car seat and with the help of car seat belts attach it down. This idea will not work for big dogs. Comfort of a dog and safety are two important things you must keep in mind. Hatchbacks, estate cars and station wagon are best vehicles for dog obedience school

Consider that you are having a station wagon or hatchback, fit a dog by removing the parcel shelf which helps to prevent the dog jumping from the car. The next important thing to make sure is whether your dog loves a car ride or not. Do this by taking your dog for a short ride to the park or other places in order to have a lot of fun. In that place, play with your dog for some time and then go back home. Do these methods at least three times in a week then your dog will automatically love to go in the car and surely the dog will have a fun time.  During the car ride you have to buy things like a bottle of water, a dog bowl, a kitchen roll, dog’s blanket and disinfectant spray if an accident occurs. 

When driving a car some do’s and don’ts are very important. After reaching the destination the dog will get very excited and it wants to jump out of the truck. It is slightly tricky to control your dog and it will easily jog into the road. Take two lengthy dog leads with you and attach one end of the lead to the anchor point and then attach the other end of the lead to your dog. After doing this method your dog will try to jump out of the car but it is still embarrassed. Next thing is don’t leave your dog as well as your car in sunlight. Even the temperature is moderate outside but your car will get hotter and lean to be airtight. In order to avoid this, park your car in a shade area and leave your dog inside the car for only a short time and open at least one window of the car. Due to the sound effects in the car some dogs will get frightened. Train your dogs to get adjustable for the sound effects in all cars. Record all the sounds that your dog listens in the car and cooperate with it again and again. Next thing is you must avoid encouraging your dog when your dog attacks other people. This kind of anxiousness is good enough because it will help a lot. Take your dog for a walk in the park before going for a car ride.


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